Popular Naga comedian Merenla Imsong amused local audience with a live stand-up comedy act Credit: EastMojo image

Kohima: Popular Naga comedian Merenla Imsong, on Thursday amused local audience with a live stand-up comedy show at Ozone Cafe in Kohima. From social and cultural concerns to political and developmental issues, Imsong addressed it all through her 40-minute long satirical comedy act.

Beginning with her journey to the state capital from Dimapur, she humorously jibed on how she survived the six-hour journey, pointing out the miserable road conditions that are under construction due to the ongoing four-lane highway project.

In her unique way, she presented the serious issue of “backdoor appointments” in governmental jobs, which although set the room in laughter, had managed to leave a serious message about the prevalence of this practice in Naga society. It may be noted that civil societies and pressure groups have been resenting against backdoor appointments in various government departments. The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), apex student body, and other public service aspirants have also been demanding for the creation of a Staff Selection Board (SSB) to scrap departmental exams, with the urge to encourage meritocracy.

Merenla Imsong highlighted several issues like road conditions and government jobs

On the political aspect, Imsong wittily jibed on the negligence by the Centre and national media on the Northeast region. Tickling the funny bones with her performance, she also raised concern on racism, child molestation and corruption.

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Later after her performance, when asked about how she brainstorms such satirical comedy contents, the popular Naga YouTuber told EastMojo “The ideas, I don’t know even where they come from — it’s very random”. While saying that sometimes ideas pop out of normal conversations, she added: “It is based on what I see and want to talk about.”

“If you see my videos, even if they are very political, they are very superficially political,” she said when queried on her jibe on politics. She added that although she does not get into the depth of politics, she manages to present it superficially.

Expressing her resentment against the new citizenship law, she said “It is really important [to voice out]. It is like our whole ethnic structure is under threat. For me, voicing yourself out as a minority is so important because when you are a minority and you try to say something, people still don’t get your point of view”.

She added that discriminating a community in a very sweet manner is “very scary”. “We shouldn’t sit ideal”, she said and goes on to add that one can peacefully resent and protest through poems, songs, rather than showing anger. “Be Aware [of CAA] because it will affect all of us,” she added.

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