Christmas decor for sale in Shillong

Shillong: The ongoing mass protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and imposition of curfew in several parts of Shillong in Meghalaya have impacted shopkeepers hard in the run-up to Christmas.

EastMojo took to the streets of Motphran, one of the most sensitive areas where curfew has been imposed, along with other places falling under Lumdiengjri and Sadar police stations to take stock on the situation on Tuesday.

Citizens stock up supplies so that they could be prepared in the face of any untoward incident

For traders to be able to do good business during the festive season, shopping enthusiasts need to be on the streets. However, due to the curfew and the law and order situation in the state, sales have dwindles to new lows.

Even meat-sellers have been badly affected due to the lack of materials coming in from neighbouring states like Assam and West Bengal.

A poultry seller said, “It has been more than four days with this situation taking place and sometimes the products are not coming in so I have to sit at home. Apart from ruining my business it has also affected my income.”

Prevailing curfew and protests have impacted shopkeepers and residents of Shillong

While Shillong is limping back to normalcy, the curfew is now in place only in some parts of the city, yet it has caused a hindrance to all parts of the city.

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Iewduh, the oldest market of the region, is the major supplier in Shillong, and almost the entire state of Meghalaya purchases its stock from here. In Iewduh, people were seen rushing to the market to purchase supplies in bulk so that they could be prepared in the face of any untoward incident.

Christmas flowers, locally known as soh, are sold on the streets during December. “Due to the curfew, I am made to pack up my things as early as possible. I have not been able to make much sale due to the lack of customers,” said a woman selling the Christmas flowers.

A woman selling Christmas decorations says that she does not mind that her business has been affected due to a good reason. “We are fighting for the right thing, we want Inner Line Permit. I don’t mind that this prevailing situation is hampering my business if we get ILP, that’s all that matters to me,” said the woman who sells Christmas decorations at Iewduh.

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