Members of the 3 NSCN groups, top security officials along with CFMG/CFSB chairman Lt Gen (Retd) Shokin Chauhan after a joint coordination meeting

Kohima: The office of the chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG)/ Ceasefire Supervisory Board (CFSB) on Monday slammed the NSCN-IM for alleging that the CFMG/CFSB is “hatching a sinister plot” with the Assam Rifles (AR) and targeting the group. It further warned all NSCN groups that “tarnishing the neutral image of the CFMG /CFSB Institution will not be tolerated”.

An official statement from the chairman, CFMG/CFSB said, “The office of the chairman is an institution mandated with the role of enforcing the ceasefire ground rules on behalf of the government security forces as well as with all the NSCN groups under ceasefire with the government of India.”

“The question of being biased against any ground group doesn’t arise when it has always been the endeavour of the chairman CFMGIC / CFSB to ensure that all the stakeholders function strictly within the ambit of the agreed CFGRS, especially at this stage when the protracted Naga talks are at a concluding stage,” it read.

Despite the differences of opinions, it said, “Challenging an institution like the office of the chairman, CFMG / CFSB with false allegations by a mature organisation like the NSCN-IM is something which the chairman of CFMG / CFSB will not accept.”

Signed by T Mere, staff officer of the chairman, it further said that a subsequent apology letter submitted by group, addressed to the chairman CFMG /CFSB dated December 5 assured that the group “will refrain from such acts in future”. It also added that the letter has been examined by the chairman CFMG/ CFSB, who affirmed that “the very foundation of bringing peace in Nagaland stands on the collective responsibility of the CFMG and all the stake holders”.

It also said that tarnishing the image of the institution of CFMG with false claims only weakens the very purpose of peace.

It warned that such allegations from any group or organisation tarnishing the neutral image of the CFMG / CFSB Institution will not be tolerated.

This statement comes after the MIP of NSCN-IM on December 3 issued a press statement wherein it questioned the chairman CFMG/CFSB Lt Gen (Retd) Shokin Chauhan of plotting with the AR in regard to the notification issued by the CFMG/CFSB office ordering the closing down of unauthorized NSCN offices in the state.

Following this press release, an apology letter signed by the ceasefire convenor of the CFMG NSCN was submitted to the chairman, a copy of the document which is in possession with EastMojo.

“The MIP had floundered in forming a fair assessment of the roles of your good offices has been playing all along in diffusing the unwarranted situations. The office has seriously taken up the matter and we assure you that it won’t happen again,” a section of the letter read.

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