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Tinsukia: At a time when instances of rape and other crimes against women have shamed not just India but humanity, a few youths from Assam’s Tinsukia town have started a trend of posting their personal details on Facebook and lending a helping hand to women travellers.

One such post reads: “My Name is Pulkit Jain. I am from Tinsukia, Assam. I have my own scooty and car. Any Sister, Daughter, Mother, or any lady finding difficult to travel at night in Tinsukia, Makum, panitola, bordubi, bahadur charali, or any other place near by Tinsukia can call in this 8876817021 . You can call. We cannot change the mindset of rapist, all we can do is change ours. Say no to rape…”

Tinsukia resident Pulkit Jain’s Facebook post

Jain, an employee at a medical shop, shared this idea to “help women finding difficulty in travelling at night” after going through a similar post on his friend’s timeline.

Speaking with EastMojo, Jain said that the repeated incidents of rape and gruesome murder left him shocked. “Social media — Facebook and Twitter — were flooded with messages of anguish over rape incidents. Then I came across Amarjit Singh Chawla’s post with an idea — a much needed step in this country which is becoming more and more insecure for women — and shared it on my timeline with my name and contact numbers to be able to help women in need.”

“Pouring anger only shows our solidarity. More important is we, as a society, make women feel safe — be at home or on roads. This may be just one step,” added Jain.

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When questioned, Jain said that his job gets over at 9 pm. EastMojo had questioned what if someone calls at 7 or 8 pm, to which he replied, “If I receive any call seeking help before 9 pm, I will try to convince my boss and go ahead to help the person.”

Last week was horrifying for India with four rape incident reported on a single day — a veterinary doctor was raped and burnt alive in Hyderabad, a 25-year-student was raped and murdered by 12 men in Ranchi, a child was gangraped and murdered in Tamil Nadu and another girl was raped by an auto driver in Chandigarh.

The chilling details which emerged during the investigation of the 26-year-old veterinary doctor rape and murder have made it a nightmare for any women to move in the night.

Amarjit Singh Chawla’s post

EastMojo tracked Chawla, a young businessman from Tinsukia.

“I came across a random Facebook post. It made sense and need of the hour. I shared it with my name and number, Chawla said, adding, “Just four days ago, reading about the four rapes ‘shook’ me from within. Where are we heading as a society?”

Twitter was flooded with solidarity and anguish messages with tags #JusticeforPriyanka Reddy, #JusticeforRoja over the past few days.

EastMojo is attempting to track the source of the message and will update the story.

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