Northeast MPs demo against CAB in New Delhi, submit memo to PM
MPs staging demonstration against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill EastMojo image

Northeast MPs demo against CAB in New Delhi, submit memo to PM

12 non-BJP Parliamentarians representing indigenous tribes of region express their objection to passing and implementation of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

New Delhi: Twelve non-BJP MPs representing the indigenous tribes of the Northeast have expressed their strong objection to the passing and implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in the Northeast.

In a memorandum to Prime Minster Narendra Modi, these MPs said, “All premier NGOs of the region are also of the same opinion. We collectively believe that such a bill, if implemented uniformly across the nation, will particularly render the indigenous and tribal populations of the Northeast region vulnerable to displacement. Therefore, we urge you to include within this bill a provision which exempts from its ambit the residents of the Northeastern states.”

Referring to the visit of the standing committee members of the 16th Lok Sabha to the Northeast on the issue, the memorandum said, “During the visits of the members of the standing committee in the 16th Lok Sabha to the Northeastern states, the people are also expressed their views which are in line with the demands being put forth by us.”

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