A pilot project undertaken by Military Engineer Services Credit: Twitter

Guwahati: As part of pilot project undertaken by the Military Engineer Services for road construction, Guwahati city got a road made of 1.24 MT plastic waste at Narangi Military Station located in the city.

The project is on a mission to fight against single-use plastic and is an initiative to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste.

Cconstruction underway at Narengi Military Station

According to a World Economic Forum report, plastic can make roads more durable against extreme weathers like floods and extreme heat.

Guwahati generates approximately 22,000 kilos of plastic waste where it is either recycled or dumped in landfills or burnt contributing to air pollution.

In 2015 the central Government had directed all the road developers in the country to make use of waste plastic in road construction for its durability and other eco-friendly factors.

A number of cities including Indore, Chennai, Pune, Surat have come forward to build roads from plastic waste and in the last three years. India has built 1 lakh km of roads in at least 11 states using plastic waste.

Earlier this month, Goalpara district of Assam was the first in the state to have built road with plastic waste with a view for better connectivity as the district had faced severe scarcity of road construction due to flood.

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