Agartala: The leaders of the Bru community living in the seven relief camps on Monday have requested the Ministry of home affairs to continue the supply of cash-dole and ration until there is a solution to the entire problem.

In a letter, undersigned by the president of Mizoram Bru Displaced Peoples Forum (MBDPF) A Sawibunga and general secretary Bruno Msha, reads, “….we would like to state that the Government of Tripura has issued the ration on the basis of its memo……for a period of one month as per the letter…. received from Additional Secretary, revenue department, Government of Tripura following the specter of starvation looming large in relief camps after the suspension of ration and cash-dole from October 2019”.

Earlier the MHA had stopped the supply of cash dole and rations in the relief camps from October 1, from the day the repatriation process began. The Brus staged an indefinite road blockade programmme in Dasda to Ananda bazaar market road.

However, after six deaths in the relief camps due to starvation, the Tripura government on November 7 announced to distribute rations in the camps till November 30 next.

The memorandum forwarded by MBDPF to the MHA on Monday

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The letter further reads, “Sir we have already informed you several times in the meeting and submitted memorandum as well that the displaced Brus will not agree to repatriate to Mizoram until and unless a small and simple demand of displaced Brus is conceded. So, around 98% the camp’s inmates are still remained in relief camps waiting for the solution that only 5 days have left the dateline for the conclusion of the repatriation process on November 30.”

They also said in the letter that they strongly believe that the chapter of displaced Brus should be close down as soon as possible in one way or the other. The MBDPF will intensify and take all possible initiatives with all their might and main to meet the challenges for the conclusion of the long-pending Bru displacement issue.

“We would like to appeal your honour once again to kindly issue the ration and cash dole as usual till there is a solution including the arrear of cash-dole for the month of October and November and ration for October 2019,” the memorandum reads.

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