<i>Nirvanna Inn </i>is a psychological horror film Credit: Facebook image 

Guwahati: After much appreciation in films like Life of Pi, English Vinglish, Assam-origin Adil Hussain has been winning hearts with his performance in Vijay Jayapal’s second feature film Nirvana Inn.

The film is a psychological horror film where Jogi Chakraborty (Adil Hussain), a boatman and bhaona performer from Majuli (Assam) upon his shift to Himachal Pradesh takes up the managerial position at Nirvana Inn, a quaint mountain resort in Himachal Pradesh.

After Jogi’s shift to the new surrounding, he is beset by seemingly supernatural events that keeps him up at night and haunt him by day.

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The film further progresses under the pall of an infectious strangeness where Adil’s furrowed face and perpetually confounded aspect draws the curiosity closer among the audience.

Nirvana Inn sets out to place its viewers in oblivion, where the protagonist Jogi is hunched over his pot of sins, utterly distraught by guilt.

The film was entirely shot in Himachal Pradesh and Assam.

The film was premiered at 21st Busan International Film Festival and received rave reviews from critics with special accolades for Adil Hussain’s performance.

Earlier last month in October, Adil was on news for his pivotal role in the upcoming American series Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

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