Challenger Tennis League will be held in Mizoram from November 25 to 31 Credit: File image

Aizawl: Some of the most prominent tennis players from the country like Vishnu Vardhan from Telangana, Kunal Anand from Delhi, Bhushan Haobam from Manipur and Mohil Mayur from Tamil Nadu, among others, are likely to participate in the second edition of the Challenger Tennis League to be held in Aizawl, Mizoram from November 25 to 31.

Some local players are also likely to participate in the tournament. Challenger Tennis League was first introduced in 2018 to promote the sport in Mizoram and other parts of the region.

Some of the top players of Mizoram — Innocent, Basil L Khuma, Rinawma and Hmachhuana

Let us take a look into some of the stars and champions of tennis in Mizoram.

Lalrinawma is the first Mizo to hold an AITA ranking

K Lalrinawma (Bethlehem Vengthlang Tennis Club): He is the first Mizo to hold an AITA ranking. Born on April 29, 1986, he is a resident of Tuikual North in Aizawl.

Some f his prominent achievements:
1. 35-time Men’s Singles Mizoram Champion
2. 30-time Men’s Doubles Champion
3. 4-time Men’s Singles N.E. Champion
4. 3-time Men’s NE Doubles Champion
5. AITA Level II coach
6. 16 straight championships in Mizoram

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Lalrinpuia (Ngopa Warriors): Born on April 1, 1994 Lalrinpuia is the captain of the Ngopa Warriors. He was born and brought up at Ngopa town and has won eight times in the junior championship. He is currently a coach at the Mizoram Tennis Association (MTA).

Captain of Ngopa Warriors, Lalrinpuia is a coach at Mizoram Tennis Association

Ramengmawia (Ngopa Warriors): From the town of Ngopa, Ramengmawia was born on August 11, 1991. He has won 30 times within Mizoram in singles and doubles; and holds four championship titles in the Northeast. He also previously held the No. 1 rank in Mizoram.

A player from Ngopa, Mizoram, Ramengmawia previously held the No.1 title in Mizoram

Joel Lalrinpuia Murray (Chanmari Slammers): Captain of Chanmari Slammers, Joel was born on December 17, 1983 and currently resides at Mission Vengthlang, Aizawl. He was the Joint secretary of the Mizoram Tennis Association from 2013-2017. He is currently ranked No. 7 in Mizoram Men’s Singles and is a two-time state-level doubles runner-up champion.

Captain of Chanmari Slammers, Joel currently ranks No. 7 in Mizoram Men’s Singles

Lalhmachhuana (Chanmari Slammers): Lalhmachhuana currently holds the No. 1 title in the Mizoram Men’s Singles. Born on December 28, in Ngopa Mizoram, he was champion of the 2016 Northeast singles champion. He also holds four Mizoram singles and 20 doubles titles to his name. He attended the National Tennis Academy from 2007 to 2014.

Lalhmachhuana currently holds the No. 1 title in the Mizoram Men’s Singles

Stephen Lalhriatpuia (Chanmari Slammers): Born on August 31, 1981 Stephen is a resident of Tlangnuam, Aizawl. He has started playing tennis since 1995 and had represented the State of Mizoram as Player and Manager on numerous occasions.

He had trained at Baig Tennis Centre in Chennai and was the runner-up of Mizoram Men’s Doubles. He was also the champion in SVBITA Tennis Championship held in Silchar, Assam in 2004. He currently holds the post of joint secretary, Mizoram Tennis Association.

Stephen has represented the state of Mizoram as player and manager on numerous occasions

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