Executive committee of KHADC collapsed after a no-confidence vote on Wednesday

Shillong: The United Democratic Alliance (UDA)-led executive committee in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) collapsed on Wednesday. The UDA led by Chief Executive Member (CEM) Teinwell Dkhar failed to secure maximum votes during a no-confidence motion led by opposition leader Lamphrang Blah.

The no-confidence motion was submitted to KHADC chairman Pynshngaiñlang N Syiem by Blah on Tuesday.

The opposition consisting of 10 members in the council, nine from the Congress and one independent, Grace Mary Kharpuri, who were in support of the no-confidence motion managed to secure 15 votes out of 29.

The KHADC has 29 members at present following the demise of sitting member from Langrin constituency, Nasar Marweiñ, recently.

The ruling UDA has a total of 19 members which comprised of members from the National People’s Party (NPP), United Democratic Party (UDP), Hill State People’s Democratic Alliance (HSPDP) and People’s Democratic Front (PDF).

The UDA is also a combination of the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) formed by the UDP and HSPDP, and the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) formed by the NPP and Independent candidates.

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Tables turned after the opposition managed to secure more votes in spite of having fewer numbers in the council. The numbers showed that there were loopholes in the ruling party, leading to cross votes.

After a session of debates and defending the executive committee, in which Blah refused to withdraw the no-confidence motion, the chairman of the council Pynshngain N Syiem announced his ruling to put the no-confidence motion to vote through secret ballot paper.

Members of the ruling side opposed it and demanded the chairman to conduct the voting by headcount as per convention to which Pynshngain quoting the rules said that he will stick to the rules.

The chairman also turned down the demand of the ruling members that all members should write down their names and signatures in the ballot paper as he said, “I cannot go against the rule which clearly states that writing down names is not required.”

On counting the ballot papers, the ruling and the opposition got 14 each, which required the chairman to cast his vote to break the tie.

Before casting his vote, Pynshngain said that he would exercise his vote as per his conscious. Surprisingly, the chairman voted in support of the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition, which won by 15 votes.

The chairman immediately announced that the EC led by Teinwell Dkhar has lost the confidence of the House. He also declared that the election to the post of CEM will be held on November 22, and filing of nomination for the same will be held Thursday.

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