The house of Dipamoni Gogoi and Jayanta Gogoi which was allegedly vandalised by officials of Bandhan Bank recently

Nazira: In an alleged case of high-handedness, a family living in Nazira area of Assam’s Sivasagar district faced the wrath of recovery agents of a private bank when their house was ‘vandalised’ for their inability to pay off loan installments against a loan amount of Rs 80,000.

According to reports, “officials” of Bandhan Bank did not spare even the roofing sheets of the house when they came looking for Dipamoni Gogoi and Jayanta Gogoi in Moduri Mola area recently. In the family members’ absence, the recovery agents also took away their furniture.

The Gogois had reportedly paid off 60 installments but soon became financially unstable; as such, they failed to complete the remaining installments.

It was then that, allegedly following orders from the manager of bank, some of the officials reached the Gogois’ residence and vandalised their house.

“They sent me pictures on WhatsApp saying that these are the things they took away from my house as I could not pay the installments. We were in Jorhat at that time but my son was here,” said Dipamoni.

She further said that she paid off 60 installments, out of total 104, against the loan amount of Rs 80,000.

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Meanwhile, expressing serious concern over the alleged inhuman harassment, the villagers demanded the authorities concerned to take strict action against the officials involved in the incident.

The villagers have also demanded the bank authorities to return the items taken away from the residence of Gogois.

“The bank officials cannot destroy a house, especially at a time when a child is about to sit for his board exams. They must return the furniture and the tin roofing sheets to the family as soon as possible,” one of the village women said.

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