Traffic constable Lalrinmawia Kawlni is a resident of Chawlhhmun locality in Aizawl, Mizoram

Aizawl: A traffic constable is winning hearts in Mizoram after he came to the rescue of a man and his two kids, who got stranded due to their scooter breaking down on the way to school.

The incident happened in the morning of November 8, when Lalchhanchhuaha, a resident of Hunthar Veng in Aizawl, was on his way to drop his two children studying at Livingstone School.

On the way, Lalchhanchhuaha’s scooter faced a mechanical failure and broke down. Lalchhanchhuaha said, “I tried to restart my scooter but all in vain. I was also very nervous as there was a traffic police standing nearby and was coming towards me.”

He added that the number plate on his scooter was damaged. “As the traffic police came towards me, he reached into his pocket and I was convinced that he was going to give me a ticket.”

The Mizoram Police has issued a statement commending Lalrinmawia Kawlni’s action

However, instead of handing out a fine to the anxious man with the two school kids, the traffic policeman, Lalrinmawia Kawlni, a resident of Chawlhhmun locality, reached into his pocket; took out the keys to his bike and asked Lalchhanchhuaha to take his bike and drop the kids off to their school.

Soon afterwards, the Mizoram Police issued a statement commending Lalrinmawia’s action. “We are proud of having a colleague who shows the true spirit of Mizo ‘tlawmngaihna’ (altruism),” said the statement.

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