Assam Rifles and Nagaland Police taking part in the eviction drive in Nagaland’s Peren district

Kohima: A day after the NSCN-KN(U)‘s unauthorised “messes” were closed down at Ahthibung, the Nagaland state administration along with Assam Rifles (AR) and Nagaland Police (NP) continued the eviction drive closing down similar unauthorised messes belonging to the NSCN-IM in Asalu region of Jalukie in Peren district.

A press statement from ADC Jalukie Tinojongshi Chang and the Ahthibung Region Club (ARC) media cell said that unauthorised offices and messes of the NSCN-IM of Asalu region in Midland colony at Jalukie town were closed down on Friday. The move comes after authorities of the military group were served an “eviction letter” by security forces “two days ago”, and further carried out after prior information to the CAO by the concerned ADC & EAC.

“NSCN-IM authorities fully cooperated with the government authorities and closed down their Asalu Region mess and offices prior to the given time,” the statement said.

The eviction drive was ‘amicably’ done with the full cooperation of all stakeholders

Saying that the drive was “amicably” done with the full cooperation of all stakeholders, it added: “This is a step in the positive direction and the way forward for an inclusive and peaceful Nagaland. The faction, Assam Rifles, police and civil administration need to be applauded for the same.”

While the NSCN-IM authorities were informed by the military forces to return to the designated camps and “not stay in groups in town area”, the GBs of all colonies were further requested to inform the general public not to entertain such illegal activities within the area.

The statement said that in the presence of civil authorities, police representatives and Assam Rifles troops, “the jail cum office located inside Jalukie town was closed at 1 pm on 8 Nov 2019”.

It informed that the keys were submitted to the ADC’s office and the owner may collect it along with the respective ward GB. Furthermore, it added, “All the office register and pen stand is kept with security forces which can be taken back by NSCN-IM authorities by visiting Jalukie Camp along with Civil Administration staff or ward GB”.

Earlier on Thursday, a similar drive was carried out at Ahthibung under Peren District where unauthorised messes and offices of the NSCN KN (U) were closed forcing 47 cadres to return to its designated camps. These drives were carried following a government order which said that “NSCN groups have agreed to close down any such mobile offices in all the districts of Nagaland with immediate effect in the light of the agreed ceasefire”.

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