Magnificent Mary is the only boxer in the world to win eight medals in the World Boxing Championships Credit: File image

Guwahati: Six-time world boxing champion MC Mary Kom has been recognised with the honorarium of suffixing her name ‘OLY’ by the World Olympians Association (WOA).

A certificate of recognition signed by Joel Bouzou OLY, WOA president, to the boxer from Manipur, said, “In recognition of your achievement as an Olympian you are granted use of the post-nominal letters OLY, to signify your ongoing role in society as an Olympian, living and promoting the Olympic values.”

The ace-boxer also tweeted about it, “Thank you so much for the RECOGNITION”.

Magnificent Mary is the only boxer in the world to win eight medals (six gold, one silver and one bronze) in World Boxing Championships.

The OLY post-nominal letters initiative was announced in November 2017 by WOA at the 8th International Olympic Committee (IOC) International Athletes’ Forum.

According to, “OLY gives you 24/7 public recognition of your years of hard work, dedication and promotion of the Olympic values. OLY is just like PhD, MD and other post-nominals and can be used on business cards, CVs, social media, in fact anywhere you use your name.”

Mary Kom, who is currently training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, was recently included in the 10-member athlete ambassador group to represent the Asian bloc at next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

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