Pradyot Kishore Manikya Deb Barman during his visit to the site of Bru agitation in North Tripura

Agartala: Pradyot Kishore Manikya Deb Barman, the former state Congress president and royal scion of Tripura, has announced that he will file a writ petition with the High Court of Tripura against the state and Centre for violating the Indian constitution and stopping the supply of food and cash dole to the Bru relief camp inmates since October.

Speaking with EastMojo, Deb Barman said the government cannot stop the supply of food and other relief materials to the relief camps under Article 21 of the Constitution and the Food Security Act. “This is a gross violation of the law and is an inhuman decision by the state government,” he added.

Deb Barman, who is on his visit to Laxmipur village in Kanchanpur sub-division of North Tripura district, the site of the agitation of the Brus, said that the movement should be in a peaceful way and it should not go against any community.

“Make sure that no communal decisions are taken here I am requesting all of you. I will take up this issue with the Mizoram government and also with the Tripura government,” he said.

He also said that after returning from the protest site, he would be meeting with the Tripura Indigenous Lawyers Association (TILA) at Agartala and will move the High Court of Tripura.

“In the Indian constitution as per Article 21, no one can stop ration and food. It is against the constitution. Today, I am going to meet the Tripura Indigenous Lawyers Association at Agartala and will file a writ petition with the High Court of Tripura. This is your state and this place belongs to you,” he said.

Deb Barman also lashed at the government saying that the Tripura government can consider lands for the Border Security Force’s firing range, why can’t it do the same for the Brus.

“Many of Brus were displaced during the construction of the Dumbur dam project in Tripura. If you can accept lakhs and lakhs of people from another country, why can’t you accept the Bru people who have become refugees in their own land,” Deb Barman added.

Also, the royal scion cleared that he left Congress because the senior leaders have forced him to compromise with his people but he can’t compromise with them.

“I can’t compromise with my people. I will buy some land for the Brus with patta lands. You identify the land, I will buy it from my own pocket. Bubagra (Pradyot) will provide you land and Bubagra is always with you,” Deb Barman announced.

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