Students were made to ward cardboard hats in an attempt to stop cheating Credit: Twitter

Bengaluru: In a unique bid to ensure that students do not cheat, a Karnataka-based college made students wear cardboard boxes during an exam.

The incident reportedly happened at Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, photos of which have now gone viral on social media.

The cardboard boxes had only one opening in the front which prevented the students from looking to their left or right, forcing them to look only at their answer sheets.

Twitter had a field day with the “out of the box” idea to stop cheating. While many made memes out of the cardboard hats, several called out the university calling it unethical. Here are a few:

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This anti-cheating is the new internet sensation, however, it’s not the first time such a hack has been put to use. According to reports, in 2013, Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Agro-Industry, a Thai university used paper hats covering both sides of the student’s face, making it difficult for them to glance at a neighbour’s test paper.

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