Only vehicles carrying idols and 30 club members, who will take part in immersion, shall enter Dashami Ghat

Agartala: For the first time, the Tripura government has decided to organise a carnival named ‘Mayer Biday’ to give a new touch to the processions of idols before immersion in Agartala on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, West Tripura MP Pratima Bhowmik said that chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb suggested forming a committee to look after the ‘Mayer Biday’ carnival consisting of different clubs with their idols.

The chief minister along with Rajya Sabha MP JP Nadda and India Foundation director Ram Madhav is also likely to join the procession.

A meeting was held in the conference hall of DM (West Tripura) on Wednesday which was presided over by MP Bhowmik and participated by members of reputed clubs of Agartala in presence of West Tripura SP, traffic SP, West Tripura ADM-I, SDM Sadar and Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) commissioner.

A 10-member committee was formed and it was decided that the procession of idols would start from Post Office Chowmuhani and all the clubs will route their procession through that point.

A total of 40 clubs will participate in the carnival with their theme and idols on their way to Dashami Ghat. Lighting, sound and other systems would be set up by the organising committee providing a chance for people to see all the idols at one place.

When the idol of a club would reach Post Office Chowmuhani, there will be a stall where organising committee members and volunteers will remain present and they will channelise the procession of the clubs on first-cum-first movement basis.

From Post Office Chowmuhani, the procession will go through Paradise Chowmuhani and then to Dashami Ghat. The procession from Post Office Chowmuhani will begin from 4 pm sharp, Bhoumik said.

No club will be allowed to carry their idol in large carriers, more specifically 12-wheeler trucks as it shall cause inconvenience in movement. Only vehicles carrying idols and 30 club members who will take part in immersion shall enter Dashami Ghat.

There will be VVIP stand in front of City Centre and opposite to which there shall be VIP stand and media enclosure for coverage of the programme.

“When one procession of a club will reach near Khadi Bhawan, announcement will be made at the VIP stand with brief history of the club. The club will continue with the procession and cultural presentation in front of VVIP stand and after reaching SBI, Melarmath they will pick up moderate speed up to Dashamighat,” Bhoumik added.

Over 500 volunteers will manage the crowd and movement of the procession in coordination with district administration, police, traffic and managing committee.

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