BJP MLA Sanbor Shullai addressing the media in Shillong, Meghalaya on Friday Credit: EastMojo image

Shillong: Urban affairs minister Hamlet Dohling’s recent remark on Meghalaya not being a ‘personal asset’ of any political party has not gone well with BJP’s South Shillong MLA Sanbor Shullai.

Shullai was surprised with Dohling’s remark and questioned why he (Shullai) couldn’t make the comment being a party representative.

While addressing the media on Friday, Sanbor Shullai said, “Indeed the state is not the BJP’s asset, neither is the PDF’s. It is a coalition government which comprises of all the political partners under the umbrella of the MDA government. I think Dohling did not understand the statement that I made but I believe even the public is well aware that the ruling government is the BJP. It is with people’s mandate that the BJP is in power and has the majority, which means that it is the asset of the BJP. Then what is the harm in that, why is Dohling panicking and trying to escape from the terms and conditions of the ruling government?”

Shullai said that Dohling must understand that be it any dealings with the central government or bank institutions, there are always terms and conditions that one has to fulfill. “So, reiterating my point BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi, our manifesto indicates that we are corruption-free. And my remark wasn’t on behalf of anyone but about the principle of BJP which is being a corruption-free party,” he added.

Shullai reiterated his stand on any schemes sanctioned by the Centre, the party state unit should be able to monitor it ensuring that the schemes are meant for the welfare and interest of the public.

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“I have every right as a BJP leader to meet the ministers in Delhi to raise any issue concerning the interest of the people of my state. We have the right to request the Central government before releasing any scheme in the state we should be able to scrutinize it. In order to follow the guidelines of the manifesto, any scheme sanctioned by the Centre should be properly implemented for the welfare and interest of the public, which is my stand. What is the harm if we monitor the schemes sanctioned by the Centre? We have every right to file an RTI, and we have every right to question the Centre. I request to all the honourable ministers’ kindly implement it properly for the welfare and interest of the public,” Shullai added.

The tussle of words comes after Sanbor Shullai spoke to the media on September 30 that before sanctioning any Central scheme for Meghalaya, the government in Delhi has to first call Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders from Meghalaya for consultation and screening.

Meanwhile, the PDF and BJP are all set to contest the by-election to the Shella Assembly seat to be held on October 21.

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