Mrinal Talukdar is a senior journalist, award-winning documentary filmmaker and author

Guwahati: Senior journalist Mrinal Talukdar’s book Post Colonial Assam (1947-2019) has achieved an unmatchable feat, as it has been selected to be placed in the prestigious US Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

Talukdar’s book is among the few books from Assam that has found a place in the grand library for future South Asia studies at the prestigious national cultural institution in the US.

Speaking with EastMojo, the senior journalist from Guwahati said, “It’s an honour. It took me sometime to understand what it [The US Congress Library] actually is, but it’s a big honour.”

Copy of the letter from Library of Congress received by Assam journalist Mrinal Talukdar

Talukdar was travelling from Dibrugarh to Guwahati, and on Saturday morning, he found a “hard mail” from the Library of Congress, requesting for copies of Post Colonial Assam (1947-2019) to facilitate for research on South Asia.

He said, “I found the post and cross-checked to realise what a big deal it actually is.”

Talking about his book, the award-winning documentary filmmaker and author said that as a journalist he had a serious problem in finding a comprehensive study about Assam. So he came up with the “one place” where one can get all the required information about the social situation in the state.

He said he worked on the book for the past decade and had initially thought of limiting it to the year 2000, but the happenings in the 15 years of the Tarun Gogoi government held a significant importance, and eventually came up with Post Colonial Assam (1947-2019) which is up to March this year.

The book is the first major study of post-Independence Assam and was published by the Nanda Talukdar Foundation.

Talukdar said that the hard launch of the book will be done sometime around winter 2019, and something on NRC also might be out by the year end.

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