The food safety department of Assam bans “Bilseri” for one month after violation of prescribed terms

Guwahati: The food safety department of Assam has banned the production and sale of packaged drinking water brand ‘Bisleri’ with immediate effect across the state.

In a statement released by the department, the bottled water company was imposed a ban in its production, storage, distribution and sale of drinking water after test samples of the packaged drinking water revealed presence of fluoride above the prescribed limit.

The statement also stated that the ban that has been imposed on the bottled water company under the provisions of the section (1) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and will remain in force for nearly a month across the state starting from Friday.

The department in its statement also mentioned that the sample of the packaged drinking water company was collected in the month of April and was tested as per regulation 2.10.8 of the FSS Act.

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