D Krishna Kumar (40) & his mother Choodarathna (70) in front of the Mizoram state museum in Aizawl Credit: EastMojo image
The mom-son duo of D Krishna Kumar and Choodarathna started their journey on January 16 last year

Aizawl: An epic ‘pilgrimage’ undertaken D Krishna Kumar (40) from Mysuru, Karnataka with his mother Choodarathna (70) on their trusted Bajaj Cheetak scooter finally seems to have come to an end. Their choice of putting brakes on the 20-month journey was Mizoram.

The duo recently entered the picturesque Northeast state through Vairengte along the Assam border. Speaking with EastMojo, Krishna Kumar said he was touched by the hospitality showed by the locals. “From Vairengte, we were on our way to Aizawl, riding on our scooter and it was raining heavily. Two locals on their bike escorted us till Aizawl. I have never witnessed such level of hospitality anywhere during our journey,” he added.

D Krishna Kumar and his mother Choodarathna being greeted by a few local residents and members of the media fraternity in Aizawl, Mizoram

Talking about his pan-India journey with his mother, Krishna Kumar said he was earning a decent salary at a company in Karnataka but decided to quit his job when he saw how lonely his mother was.

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“After my father passed away in 2015, I realised that my mother, who is a housewife, had not travelled anywhere. When she told me of her desires to travel, I quit my job and took her across the country,” Krishna Kumar said.

In 2017, they went on a trip from Bengaluru to Kashmir on their car. “During our three days’ stay there, we visited many temples and holy places like Kashmiripura Nivasa temple,” he said.

Starting their journey on January 16 last year, the mother-son duo have visited all the states in India, including foreign trips to Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal. Kumar said that he would like to call their journey as ‘Mathru seva sankalpa yatra.’

During their stay in Mizoram, Kumar and his mother met with the local media persons. They were warmly welcomed at the Aizawl Press Club.

D Krishna Kumar and his mother Choodarathna the vice-chancellor of Mizoram University (middle)

They also visited Mizoram University and met with the vice-chancellor who invited them for a hearty dinner.

Krishna Kumar could not stop praising the warmth of Mizos. “We put up with a friend at Republic locality. Many neighbours dropped in to meet us. Some even asked us what kind of food we like to eat,” he said.

D Krishna Kumar and his mother Choodarathna having a good time with officials from Mizoram University

Krishna Kumar and his mother Choodarathna left Mizoram on Sunday. He said that all the great memories he made during their journey are priceless. “As children, we are responsible for our parents’ happiness. We should take out time to spend with our parents who have sacrificed so much for us. There is more to life than earning money,” he added.

D Krishna Kumar would like to call their journey ‘Mathru seva sankalpa yatra’

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