Some people do not know how to use social media, says Assam singer Zubeen Garg

Guwahati: Zubeen Garg was upset on the day his much-awaited movie, Kachanjangha, hits the theatres across the country, including his home state Assam. The popular singer turned actor was apparently angry over some viewers streaming the movie live on Facebook and YouTube while watching the movie on the first day of release on Friday.

Garg threatened the culprits saying he would take necessary action against them and also to send them behind bars. “Some people do not know how to use social media,” Garg said in a live video made from his official page on Facebook. “They have made live videos of the film in cinema halls. This should not be done and they should know that after doing so much of hard work and mass promotion for this Assamese movie, why did they do this?” asked the popular star.

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Garg also slammed those people by saying that they must use their brains. “I will put them in prison. Whoever will create problems will go to prison,” he said.

The team urged the people to stop pirating movies or they will be put behind the bars. “Today is the first day and after doing so much for the movie, this is the news we receive,” said the team members of Kanchanjangha.

“I love you guys and I made this film for you. Watch the movie but don’t do these things and also spread awareness against the piracy thing,” urged the Ya Ali singer. He also asked the people whether they wanted to create Assamese cinema or destroy it.

The team pleaded the people to stay aware and stop if they see someone filming the movie in halls.

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