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Shillong: While India is all set to witness the historic landing of Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram rover on the surface of the moon in just a few hours from now, Shillong Chamber Choir is also proud to have its song ‘Vande Mataram’ played during the momentous occasion.

The song, written and composed by Neil Nongkynrih, will be played during the live telecast of Chandrayaan-2’s landing on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

While speaking to EastMojo, Shillong Chamber Choir’s lead singer William Basaiawmoit said, “After we got this news a month ago, it’s been so exciting and thrilling for all of us. The song being played for such a monumental occasion is an absolute honour.”

“The song that echoed from the heart, the title itself is ‘Vande Mataram’. It is a song that we love to sing wherever we go all over the world. The song, which came about as a very simple thing, where the recording process happened one after the other, even when we were in America we kept recording it to get the essence so that it doesn’t sound too over-produced. We wanted the heart and soul to be there in the song, so that is seen in the music. The song came about after National Geographic loved the idea of having our song play while the landing takes place,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the choir group took to Instagram to share the news. “With much joy :-), we are honoured to announce that our song ‘Vande Mataram’, written and composed by Neil Nongkynrih is going to be part of the historical lunar mission of ‘Chandrayaan-2’ as the song plays during the world’s first ever soft landing on the Moon’s South Polar Region, and India being only the fourth country after US, Russia, and China to soft-land on the lunar surface. Watch it LIVE tomorrow, Friday the 6th of September on NatGeo, Hotstar & Star Plus from 11:30pm onwards. Here’s wishing the mission of ‘Chandrayaan-2’ a successful landing :-),” they wrote.

The Shillong Chamber Choir has been doing wonders with their performances. The song was performed during the launch of Kaun Banega Crorepati and was sung along with Amitabh Bachan. The choir team will next be seen working on a Khasi song, Ngan iai ieid ia pha, ko ri baied jong nga, composed by Neil Nongkynrih.

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