Students from Buknuam village in Mizoram’s Lunglei district gifted fresh herbs and vegetables from their garden to their teachers on Teachers’ Day

Aizawl: It is a common practice for students to gift their teachers on Teachers’ Day. However, what kids in a village of Mizoram in Northeast India gave to their mentors on their special day this year will touch your hearts, and rightly so.

No gift is too small or too unique, and students of Synod Home Mission School at Buknuam village in Lunglei district, in the southern part of the state, proved it amply.

The students gifts include fresh crabs from the river

Instead of the usual gifts and cards that students from the city usually give to their teachers, students of this village school gave fresh vegetables and herbs from their own gardens. Even fresh crabs caught from the river constituted parts of the gifts. Images of these kids with their unique offerings are going viral on social media.

Meanwhile, a teacher from Bolisora village in Lawngtlai district was garlanded and given numerous bottles of cold drinks and pens by his students. The students were well aware that their teacher could use some refreshing beverages to relax on his special day.

A teacher of Lawngtlai village received lots of cold drinks on the special day

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However, the most heart-touching act came from a Mizo teacher residing in Churachanpur village of Manipur who donated his blood to a student on Teachers’ Day on September 5 this year.

Dennis Laldinsanga (below), a teacher by profession, donating his blood to a student, Vanramnghaka (above). Vanramnghaka is preparatory class student of North Eastern Children’s Academy in Manipur’s Churachandpur district

Vanramnghaka, a preparatory class student of North Eastern Children’s Academy in Manipur’s Churachandpur, had to undergo an emergency operation at the district hospital. As he required blood during the operation, his teacher, Dennis Laldinsanga, donated his blood. His commendable action is a unique and respectable way to commemorate this special day.

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