Locals working in the newly-built road connecting Singinala with Maharanipur ADC village in Dhalai district

Agartala: After a prolonged wait of 25 years for development of a 2-km-long road at Singinala gram panchayat under Salema block in Agartala, the much-awaited demand of the villagers has finally become a reality.

Speaking with reporters, Sanjib Deb, a resident of Singinala, said, “Bina Rani Deb, a leader of the Left Front government, had occupied this forest land claiming it to be her property. The villagers tried to construct a road but we were obstructed by her party men.”

“We had to suffer due to the unavailability of this road. Earlier, we had to use a route, which was 6 km long to reach the market. But now, with this road, we are connected with the neighbouring Maharanipur ADC village. The new BJP-led panchayat has made the road just after coming to power. Our long wait has finally come to an end,” Deb said.

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At least 5,000 villagers of Singinala gram panchayat had to wait for the entire span of 25 years of Left Front rule for a road which is merely 2 km long.

Another resident, Basanti Deb, remarked, “I remained to be Leftist supporter. But I have witnessed how the BJP-led Panchayat has provided us road, water and electricity. And I am very happy with my panchayat now.”

A senior citizen of the village, Sunil Das, said, “We are keen to make it a model village. The basic facilities are to be ensured to each and every household. We have constructed the road under MGNREGA connecting the neighbouring Maharanipur ADC village from here and this will benefit at least 5,000 people living here in Singinala village.”

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