It’s been almost two days since the tweet was posted, but it is yet to be deleted Credit: EastMojo image

Tinsukia: In a major gaffe, the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) posted a grammatically and factually incorrect tweet about Northeast on Thursday, attracting a lot of criticism from Twitterati.

On August 29, IRCTC tweeted, “Visit Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, also known as the city of Eastern Light, the smallest state, Shillong, known as The Abode of Clouds and the home of elephants, wild water buffalos and swamp deer, Kaziranga. To know more about the package, visit…”

The tweet by IRCTC

National award-winning filmmaker Utpal Borpujari took to Twitter saying, “Grammar and facts, both go to sleep in this @IRCTCofficial tweet.”

The national award winning Film maker’s responds to IRCTC

“Basically, when there is a lot of information gap regarding Northeast in rest of India, it is expected that when government organisation shows up information it should be correct,” Borpujari told EastMojo over phone.

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Borpujari said it was very surprising that the tweet coming from IRCTC, which is under Indian Railways, is giving out not only grammatically incorrect but also factually wrong information. “The tweet says smallest state of India…. I mean, we all know the smallest state of India is Goa; besides Shillong is not a state. The entire information is jumbled up. So, nobody would understand which place is where.”

“Grammar is anyway expected to be correct, but the facts should also be correct,” said Borpujari, adding that it is an era where people are connected through digital and social media across the world. Anyone, sitting in any place in the world, can read this tweet. “The ministry should take a serious note of it and rectify it before it brings a bad name for the country,” he said.

Borpujari also tagged several handles of senior leaders including the railway minister of India, and the chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya.

Other netizens, too, took quick notice of the errors and condemned the IRCTC. One user suggested that whoever writes copies for IRCTC must “take a leave of absence from work” to study about India. While another pointed out that “Shillong is not a state”.

It’s been almost two days since the tweet went out, but it is yet to be deleted or rectified.

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