The Mizo Hmeichhia Insuihkhawm Pawl is the only women’s NGO in Mizoram

Aizawl: The general headquarters of the lone women’s NGO in Mizoram — the Mizo Hmeichhia Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP) — held its election under the observation of the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) on Wednesday.

The previous election, which was scheduled for April 17 this year, was suspended following a complaint lodged against the office bearers over alleged illegal distribution of money to other NGOs.

The election, which was held at Vanapa Hall in Aizawl, saw women from all walks of life gathering to elect their organisation’s leaders. Many came from other towns and villages as well.

Mizo women at Vanapa Hall in Aizawl to elect their organisation’s leaders

As is the norm in any general elections of NGOs and CBOs, the main gate of Vanapa Hall was closed at 11 am. This prevented many members, who travelled from far-flung villages, from entering the venue.

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Two prominent branches in Aizawl — Zarkawt and Dawrpui — did not take part in the election.

MHIP, which was established on June 6, 1974 with its headquarters in Aizawl, is further divided into seven sub-headquarters, 16 blocks and 700 branches.

The organisation is based on philanthropic social work. It also champions women’s upliftment by fighting against atrocities on them, helping the destitutes and providing family counseling.

The elected office bearers’ for the next two years are-

President: Lalthlamuani

Vice-president: Saipuii

General secretary: T Lalthangpuii

Assistant secretary: Lalbiakengi

Treasurer: Lalramnghaki

Financial secretary: Lalengkimi

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