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Guwahati: Facebook has introduced an additional feature called ‘News Tab’ in an attempt to curb fake news. The social networking giant is now hiring veteran journalists who will edit the section and curate news for it.

With this move, Facebook is finally retreating from its long-standing practice of letting the algorithms determine and dictate the user’s experiences. However, now, a human team will select reliable and relevant top news stories and breaking news from across the globe.

The ‘News Tab’ is different from its ‘News Feed’ section. A team of seasoned journalists will focus on the ‘Top News’ section of the new feature as they believe that it is the best way to curate stories for that section. In order to ensure that the social media site has enough news from across a range of topics and that it can be shared in a timely manner, Facebook is also in the process of making deals with some publishers via application-programming interfaces.

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However, other sections of the tab will continue to rely on algorithms to decipher user’s interests based on pages they follow, interactions with online news portals and also their subscriptions to various online publications.

Facebook head of news partnerships Campbell Brown said in a report that their goal with the News Tab service is to provide a personalised and highly relevant experience for people.

The social networking giant has also pointed out that publishers can also monetise their content which appear under the News Tab the exact way they do for their stories in the News Feed and also through its Instant Articles offering.

Facebook also took their time to differentiate this new upcoming feature from the Trending feature which was discontinued in June.

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