No student is to be denied the right to appear in board examinations in both Class X and Class XII, if he or she has the required attendance, a notification said

Agartala: In a move to increase the number of students’ enrollment in Class X and students appearing in matriculation and higher secondary examinations, Tripura government has decided to scrap procedures like detention of students in pre-test exams, conducted months before board examination in their respective schools, under Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE).

A notification, issued by the director of higher education on Monday evening, said, “It has come to the notice of the government in department of school education that out of 44,490 children enrolled in Class X during 2018-19 and 68,510 children enrolled in Class IX in 2017-18, only 33,583 children appeared for the ‘Madhyamik’ (Class X board examination) in March, 2019.”

The practice of holding a test in the school before Board examination was designed for the purpose of giving feedback to teachers, students and their parents on the learning levels of the students, or to make the students more sincere about their revision. Pre-tests are for feedback only and possibly for the weightage of marks for the internal examination as per scheme of examination. It was not meant as a screening test for the board examination.

If a child has the requisite attendance, meaning he has attended the school, then if the child is not prepared for appearing in the board examination till the pre-test, the burden of failure is not of the child alone. But this failure must be shared between teachers, the headmaster of the school and education department, notice undersigned by director of secondary education, UK Chakma said.

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The practice is being followed for many years, possibly to improve the pass percentage of schools. However, the aim of the assessment process/board examination is not to declare a good pass percentage but to nudge the children to team. This practice has the effect of denying the children the right to appear in the board examination which is violation of the entire education philosophy and rights of the children. Thus, minimum attendance should be the only criterion for allowing a child to appear in the Board examination.

“The government is desirous of making the maximum number of children to appear in the board examination and pass on their own merit,” the notification said.

Henceforth, no child is to be denied the right to appear in the board examination in both Class X and Class XII, if she/he has required attendance, and has been promoted from Class IX and Class XI respectively to the next higher class, the notification added.

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