Fancyland uses a computer algorithm to generate the best suited trips for their customers who then can also modify them personally

Guwahati: With the idea of showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Northeast India to the world, four friends and graduates from IIT, Gandhinagar co-founded Fancyland, a travel-tourism website providing personalised trips.

Fancyland is the brainchild of two boys from Assam, Bhaskar Saikia and Ashim Rajkonwar, along with Himangshu Chauhan and Yash Bohre. They met during their Bachelor’s degree at IIT, Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

Fancyland’s official website, which is still under development

Their startup, Fancyland, uses a computer algorithm to generate the best suited trips for their customers who then can also modify them personally. It also provides a lean and sustainable tourism experience to all the travelers who plan to visit Northeast India every year.

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Speaking with EastMojo about sustainable tourism, Saikia said, “With the concept of sustainable tourism, Fancyland aims to have informed participation of all relevant stakeholders with the maintenance of high level of tourist satisfaction. Fancyland will try to make a positive impact on environment, society and economy through sustainable tourism.”

(From left) The four co-founders of Fancyland — Ashim Rajkonwar, who hails from Assam; Himanshu Chauhan; Yash Bohre; and Bhaskar Jyoti Saikia, also from Assam; along with Filza Piya Borah from Assam, who recently joined the team as a content developer

According to the team, many tourists who bag-packs to the Northeast only witness a glimpse of what the region actually has to offer. Other than the clichéd mesmerising natural beauty, Northeast provides a window to many tribes, their lifestyle, culture, food and a wide array of festivals. This often gets ignored due to the issue of inaccessibility to the different corners of the region.

Fancyland’s official Instagram handle

On asking about the unique selling point of their startup, Saikia said, “Fancyland mainly works on the customised tour plan concept rather than providing a fixed itinerary. Here, we are not the trip planner; tourists will plan their own trip according to their preferences. Rather than only covering the site visits, we provide an unforgettable tour experience along with different cultural and traditional activities. We want the tourists to explore rather than just travel. One can also feel the taste of local food, traditional culture and explore on the grassroots level.”

Currently, they are working via offline connections, using the word-of-mouth approach and social media publicity. The online website will be up and running in a few months.

“The noun form ‘Fancy’ means imagination, creativity or desire, want, urge etc. So, Fancyland means Northeast is a land of your imagination where you want to visit for the exploration of the creativity of nature. Hence, for us Fancyland signifies a land beyond your imagination,” explained Saikia.

The team strength is now increasing as recently Filza Piya Borah from Gohpur has also joined the team as a content developer.

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