The villages appealed the state government to repeal the order on or before August 23, failing which the people of the four villages will take stern measure to object the government move

Aizawl: Days after the state government approved the boundary demarcation of the newly created three districts — Saitual, Khawzawl and Hnahthial — four villages within the jurisdiction of Sinlung Hills Council (SHC), which formerly fell under Aizawl district, on Friday expressed strong objection to ‘inclusion’ in Saitual district.

A press statement issued by joint village council, all NGOs and all political parties of North Khawlek, Lamherh, Vanbawng and Suangpuilawn villages slammed the state government for ignoring the demands of the villages by including them under the newly created Saitual district.

Earlier, joint village councils, NGO groups and joint students’ union of the four villages and SHC had appealed the state government not to include the villages under Saitual district and expressed desire to be in Aizawl district.

The statement alleged that the government did not take the consent of the villagers and ignored the demands of the NGOs and village councils before demarcating the district boundary.

“We [are] greatly disappointed and hurt due to the government arbitrary action of including our villages under the new district,” the statement said.

The villages also appealed the state government to repeal the order on or before August 23, failing which the people of the four villages will take stern measures to object the government move.

Meanwhile, joint village council secretary HP Lalramenga told EastMojo that the residents will face inconvenience if their villages are included under Saitual district. He said that the villages import all essential commodities from Aizawl due to direct road link with the state capital.

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The people will face transportation problem as they have to turn their way to Saitual after virtually reaching Aizawl, he said.

He added that the people will face administrative inconvenience as most students from the villages studied in Aizawl, which inconvenienced the students as well as the general public to do office works.

The meeting of councils of ministers held on August 9 had approved the boundary demarcation of Saitual, Hnahthial and Khawzawl districts. While Saitual district covers 37 villages, Khawzawl and Hnahthial cover 28 and 26 villages each.

Of the 37 villages in Saitual district, nine villages fall under SHC.

SHC is the by-product of the peace accord signed between the Mizoram government and the erstwhile underground Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) on April 2 last year. General election to the council is due this year.

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