A monocled cobra stuck with its head stuck inside a beer can 

Guwahati: Hundreds of people gathered at an open field beside National Highway-37 at Demow locality of Assam’s Sivasagar district to see a monocled cobra stuck with its head inside an empty beer can.

A video exclusively shared with EastMojo shows the snake helplessly struggling to pull out its head from the beer can that lied empty on the ground. It seems, the can was thrown by a passer-by crossing the national highway.

The news about the bizarre incident spread like wildfire within a short period of time, after which people turned out in large numbers to witness it live.

Efforts were made by locals to release the snake out of the beer can but it went in vain. Later, local forest officials arrived at the spot upon being informed and rescued the snake and set it free to a nearby forest area.

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Incidentally, Assam, which lies on the foothills of the Himalayan region and covered with a large area of evergreen forests, once happened to be the home of several reptile species, including snakes. However, the numbers have reduced drastically due to increased encroachments and destruction of forest lands across the region in the past years and this has eventually forced several species to stray out to nearby human settlements.

Moreover, at a time when the government is pressing on cleanliness and a clean environment all around through initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, not every Indian citizen is taking it as a serious concern and continues to throw garbage, including wrappers of packaged food and tin cans of soft and hard drinks in public places and forest areas, especially beside the road while travelling.

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