Rehna Sultana wrote a post regarding consumption of beef in 2017, the same year when Assam was one of the states to ban cow slaughter

Guwahati: A case has been filed against a junior research fellow from Gauhati University in Assam on Wednesday over a post related to beef-eating which she deleted two years ago.

According to the state police, they got to know about this incident when a local newspaper wrote about it recently.

Rehna Sultana, the research scholar, wrote a post regarding consumption of beef in 2017, the same year, when Assam was one of the states to ban cow slaughter.

The case has been registered under Section 153 (A) of the Indian Penal Code that deals with words or acts that promote enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony. Section 67 of IT Act deals with publishing a defamatory post about a person.

The accused was shocked and surprised wondering why the newspapers were publishing about the controversial post now.

According to reports, Sultana doubts that since she helps minorities and their inclusion in the National Register of Citizens (NRC), it was a motive by miscreants to demotivate her from helping the community.

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She had earlier claimed that the post written by her was executed only after frustration and completely sarcastic in nature over a match which was played between India and Pakistan. In the match, Virat Kohli had scored a duck in ICC Champions Trophy. Since she was a die-hard cricket fan, she was disappointed and posted the controversial comment on beef. Later, she realised her mistake and deleted the post immediately after she drew protests from her close ones.

Sultana’s original post, written in Assamese in June 2017, when translated loosely, said: “Today, we are also participating in Pakistan’s joy by gorging on beef! What I eat depends on my tastebuds! However, don’t make yourselves the subject of controversy simply by talking about the taboo subject of beef.”

The state police have ensured that since the case is quite old, Sultana won’t be arrested but a routine investigation will be carried out and local police have been asked to keep eye on for such incidents in future.

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