Aizawl: Mizoram is famous for its talented musicians. Not only are they good in singing, but are also maestros with their instrumentals.

Now, for the first time, 10 guitarists from various bands in the state have joined hands to showcase their talents for a project — a collaboration of guitar instrumentals — from the hills of Mizoram. The project, as such, has been titled, Anthem of the Hills.

Here’s the video:

(From left) Mizoram musicians Booma, Eric Renza, Ztpa, David Z Hmar,Ephraim Malsawma, Hmingpuia, Zosanga Ralte, Lawma and Victor

The album, Guitar Instrumentals from the Hills of Mizoram , has 10 guitar solos by the various masters. Anthem of the Hills is the one they have collaborated. Victor, convener and producer of the project, said, “As a producer, I have always dreamt of making an instrumental album and compiling the talents of different guitarists.”

Victor also thanked Hmingthansiama, owner of Active Sound, for financing and promoting the album.

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Let us take a look into all the talented musicians involved in the project:

The drummer is Patea from the band Magdalene and plucking the awesome bass note is Zonunsanga Khiangte.

Victor, the producer and convener of Anthem of the Hills project is the former guitarist and co- founder of the gospel Christian band, Magdalene. He owns Scavenger Records.

Booma, the guitarist of Boomarang, is one of the best guitarists in Mizo history. He is the head of department at Centre of Excellence in Indian and Western Music, Shillong and Tura. “Victor asked if I am interested for a guitar solo. He mailed the track, and that is how it all started,” explained Booma when asked how he got on board the project.

Ztpa is the lead guitarist of the metal band Drop Doubt and a guitar instructor and co-owner at Drop Doubt School of Music. He is among the few to have completed Grade 8 under Rockschool London (guitar) & Trinity Guildhall London (theory).

Eric Renza is the guitarist from the progressive metal band The Prophets, with lots of best guitarist awards to his name. He’s the owner of Sword Tune Records.

The legend, David Z Hmar, is the guitarist of Dreamhunter. He is also the president of the Mizo Zaimi Inzawmkhawm (MZI), an association for musicians of Mizoram.

Lawma is well-known for producing soaring melodies, and has even released an all-instrumental guitar album called End of the Day. He has completed Grade 8 in western classical under Trinity London. His band, Atari Minor, is set to release their first album soon. “As I am immensely interested in instrumental music, when Victor called me for the project, I immediately said yes,” Lawma said.

Ephraim Malsawma is from the band called, The Breeze. He is one of the most popular session guitarists, sometimes venturing into jazz.

Hmingpuia, guitarist of Albatross, is one of the most respected guitar players in Mizoram. His Six-String Slinger (2005) was the first all-instrumental guitar album.

Zosanga Ralte is one of the most advanced jazz rock fusion guitar players that Mizoram has to offer.

Ruatdika is the guitarist of El Volente band and started playing by the age of eight, and by the age of 11, he was able to shred his guitar. He has won plenty of ‘Best Guitarist’ awards.

Guitar Instrumentals from the Hills of Mizoram, the first ever in the state

Victor has now called on guitarists from the other Northeast states for future collaborations. He feels that if musicians from the region support each other, Indian music industry can easily be dominated by musicians and artistes from the Northeast.

Guitar Instrumentals from the Hills of Mizoram Vol-2 is scheduled to be released by December and will have talents like Rauta from Avora Records, Bishal from Reverse Tragedy and Anggu from Frisky Pints, among several other guitarists.

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