Arvind Rana displaying a SaveGrain Bags product in Agartala, Tripura

Agartala: Arvind Rana, a 44-year-old from Noida, has taken a keen interest in grain preservation in flood-hit Northeastern states. His concern for the region has brought him to Tripura with the idea of using his ‘SaveGrain Bags’ to help prevent spoiling of food grains that rot every time flood hits the region.

Speaking with EastMojo, Rana said that every year, Northeast India gets affected by flood but nobody is concerned about it, neither do they come here to help those people who suffer after the flood waters have receded.

Rana said that when he heard about floods ravaging the Northeast, the first thing that struck him was: “If the farmers would have stored their food grains in our bags, then the grains would have been safe.”

Rana and Sachin Gangkal, a chemical engineer, started SaveGrain Bags five years ago. The Pune-based company provides a complete and clear solution to a commonly experienced problem in the agricultural sector.

The products made by the company are ultra-high barrier multi-layered bags manufactured with advanced Japanese technology and ‘EVOH’ (gas barrier polymer) inside. These bags are characterised as more than 50 microns, and one bag can be used to store 25, 50, 100 kg of grains without any pesticides in their natural state for about two to two-and-a-half years. “Our bags are 100% natural means of storage,” Rana added.

Rana said that in the aftermath of floods, farmers are now starving, expecting the government to feed them since they don’t have anything left with them. “Everything which was stored in their house has either been spoiled or infected. It cannot be used for consumption. Thus, this bag is a solution for this region, where people face floods every year,” he added.

Some of the various products of SaveGrain Bags

“If the government takes the initiative and circulates these bags to the people ahead of floods, then people will be able to store their food grains in these bags and it will be as it is for at least two years,” Rana said.

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In India a good amount of produced food gains gets damaged before it can reach the consumers, the 44-year-old entrepreneur said. “The total wastage that India does while producing food grains is more than the total production of Australia. If these bags are used, the chances of wastage and food grain getting damaged will be reduced across the country,” he added.

The bags can also be used for dropping food items in flood-affected areas, as the bags are sturdy. So even if they are dropped from a height, it will not tear.

Rana informed that they have decided to start their project from the Northeast since nobody talks about these regions even if it gets affected by floods every year.

He said that they have started from Tripura and already met with various officials like the director of agriculture, Dr DP Sarkar, and soon will meet representatives and administrations of Assam, Meghalaya, followed by other states in the region.

Speaking with EastMojo, Dr DP Sarkar said, “We had a meeting with the delegation and the samples provided to us will be tested and compared with those technology already being used.”

“If we find it better compared to those we use now and also cost effective, then we will take this further with approval from the government,” Sarkar added.

Rana explained that his intension is not about publicity of his product, rather to help people. Since, this is the only solution for the farmers and aggregators and this should reach them at the earliest, he added.

Two months ago, some sample bags were sent for testing by the state farmers and the response was satisfying from their end. These bags will cost Rs 100 and can be reused years after years, till five years, Rana added.

SaveGrain Bags has already supplied their products to countries like, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Ghana.

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