A traffic police sweeping the road near his duty post in Champhai town

Champhai: In Northeast’s “cleanest town” Champhai, Mizoram, traffic police have taken up the dual role of clearing the streets of traffic violations, as well as any kind of littering.

The town’s terrain and climate favours rice cultivation, hence trucks with rice supplies ply through the town all day long, but often dropping some grains on the roads.

In a picture that has now gone viral, a traffic policeman identified as Hranghmingthanga Sailo, a resident of Champhai Venglai, is seen sweeping the road as the truck he had directed dropped some rice grains on the road next to his duty post.

Champhai was chosen as the cleanest city in the Northeast zone by the Swachh Bharat Mission (urban), at the same time achieving ‘open defecation free’ status

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Although the policeman’s act of kindness does not bring momentous difference for the town, one thing stands out, the spirit of neighbourhood supports. The town does not usually require significant cleaning as littered garbage is hard to find, as the community works in sync for the cleanliness of their town.

In January this year, Champhai was chosen as the ‘cleanest city in the Northeast Zone’

Back in January 2019, Champhai was chosen as the Cleanest City in the Northeast Zone by the Swachh Bharat Mission (urban), at the same time, it also achieved ‘Open Defecation Free’ status.

This act is humble yet truly inspiring. There are always going to be negative stories about law enforcement in particular, but this act of kindness shows the different mentalities that law enforcement personnel bear. Also, it tells us why Champai is the cleanest in the region, it’s because the community takes up initiatives on its own, not wait for a designated person to act.

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