9-year-old girl Elangbam Valentina Devi is the new brand ambassador of ‘Green Manipur Mission’

Kakching: Meet the young environmentalist of Manipur, Elangbam Valentina Devi, whose video went viral on Facebook over her inconsolably crying after trees were cut down at Kakching district recently. Now, this nine-year-old girl has been appointed as the new brand ambassador for ‘Green Manipur Mission’ by the state government on Wednesday.

A Class V student of Amutombi Divine Life English School from Hiyanglam Makha Lekai, Valentina will hold the position for a period of one year starting from the date of appointment, which is August 7.

The announcement was made by the Manipur governor upon chief minister N Biren Singh’s instructions in recognition of Valentina’s immense love and exemplary affection for the trees and in order to generate mass awareness on conservation of environment.

Despite her tender age, Valentina, displayed an act of affection and maturity towards environment when she found out that the trees she planted couple of years ago were felled. A video of her sobbing in an inconsolable manner over two trees being cut down has gone viral on social media.

Here’s the video:

Later, on her request, 20 saplings, which were provided by the forest department, were planted along the road covering about 2 km on Sunday, reports said.

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Expressing her happiness over the latest development, this young environment campaigner, while speaking to EastMojo, informed that she will continue to safeguard the surrounding environment and plant more trees in coming days.

Green Manipur Mission brand ambassador Elangbam Valentina Devi in Kakching 

“I am grateful to our honourable chief minister N Biren Singh for giving me such an opportunity and I also thank officials of the forest department for providing me the saplings,” said the young environmentalist.

Stressing on ways to tackle the prevalent environment issue ‘climate change’, the ‘Green Manipur Mission’ brand ambassador said that, “for every single tree felling, we must consciously plant another 20 saplings to recover the lost”.

Valentina Elangbam Devi with her parents in Kakching, Manipur

When asked about her ways to look after the two gulmohar trees before it cut down, Valentina said that she watered the trees and removed weeds from the surrounding areas.

The trees, as informed by Valentina, was given by the forest department as saplings and she planted them when she was studying in Class I. Now, with times, this young girl is well informed and aware about the environmental issues. She hopes to become a forest officer one day.

“I can’t believe that at such a tender age, my niece will be caring so much towards the environment. But when I saw her crying whole heartedly, I realised her affection and embraced the trees she planted years ago,” said Elangbam Monenkumar Singh, the uncle who uploaded the viral video on social media.

According to the circular issued by state information & public relations department, Valentina will be involved in various government-sponsored plantation programmes, including ceremonial tree plantations, VIP involved plantations, World Environment Day and Van Mahotsava and department-sponsored plantations, etc.

Valentina will also be part of all environment-related advertisements and campaigns which promote increase in green cover in the state, it said.

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