Naga pianist Chathavi Vüprü won the Con Brio 2019 held in Mumbai recently Credit: EastMojo image

Kohima: Meet Chathavi Vüprü, a 19-year-old Naga piano prodigy who, in his second attempt, won the ‘Con brio 2019 held in Mumbai recently. Con Brio 2019: The John Gomes Memorial Piano Competition & Festival was held between August 1 and 4.

Speaking with EastMojo, Vüprü said, “After my first attempt, I realised how professional everyone is these days, which is why I took a break last year to complete my final year of school. After that, I solely dedicated myself to this journey of classical music.”

Chathavi Vüprü (second from left) with his family members and teacher Tatyana Dichenko, a Russian pianist (on his left) at Con Brio 2019 in Mumbai recently

Vüprü began playing the piano at a young age of three years when he heard his mother play hymns on the keyboard musical instrument. He then started his Piano lessons under Ezono Kithan John who guided him till his Grade 8.

The young lad was later mentored by prominent piano maestro Nise Meruno during his first ‘Con Brio’ competition in 2017 where he was placed in the top three and also won the title ‘Most Promising Artiste’.

When asked what was the secret behind his success, Vüprü said, “All I did was to make playing the piano my priority and embrace the positive support of my family and friends. Also, I believe it is important for me to mention that one should love the art and enjoy playing the piano with motivation from one’s own interest and not think of it as a burden or duty to perform well.”

Talking about his experience at Con Brio 2019, Vüprü said, “It was an amazing journey, right from the beginning till the end. However, this does not mark the end of my journey on the path of classical music.”

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“There was a lot for me to learn to be able to come this far, but the endless effort of my teacher, Tatyana Dichenko, in helping me, and the support of my family and friends made it easier and even more enjoyable,”

Vüprü is currently refining his skills in Mumbai under Dichenko, a Russian pianist, to improve and become a better classical artiste.

Chathavi Vüprü during one of his performances at Con Brio 2017 in which he won the ‘Best Promising Artiste’

Besides the piano, Vüprü finds his interest in reading books, playing games and hanging with friends and wishes to become a person who can inspire others to strive for their dreams, no matter how challenging it may seem.

While Vüprü finds inspiration from his mother, he also recalled the talented pianists of all ages back at his church — who inspired him to follow to follow his passion.

Reacting to Vüprü’s win, Meruno said, “He worked really very hard and it is very impressive. This year he won the first place, making the whole state of Nagaland proud.”

Emphasising on the need for the artiste to acquire professional training, Meruno added, “This is the very reason why I tell people to get training. People should get their talent and skills honed by trained teachers. Music can be played and enjoyed by anybody but the difference lie in things like this. It would be almost impossible for a self-taught pianist to go and win a national Piano competition”.

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