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Guwahati: Spitting here and there and everywhere is the standard practice in Northeast, especially in Assam. Like the rest of the country, people here consume gutka, pan masala, raw betel nut (tamul) and paint the town red, quite literally. But it looks like we may have a solution for this ‘spitty’ issue.

The recently held Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) in Sikkim has brought forth a solution, much to the relief of residents and tourists. The winner of the regional round, Eventuate Innovations (for EzySpit) from Nagpur, has a visionary and handy take on the problem of open spitting, with a portable eco-friendly spittoon.

Started by two youngsters, Ritu Malhotra (24) and Pratik Harde (28), the seeds for EzySpit were sown in 2016. The company is on the outset of revolutionising how the world spits, and that too quite economically.

The story behind

Speaking with EastMojo, Malhotra said she was once going to school to drop someone off, and saw someone spitting. This raised a question in her mind, as to why people spit? “You have seen ‘please don’t spit here’ signs, but there is no place defined for spitting,” she said.

Her start-up not just aids in maintaining cleanliness, but addresses the most pressing issues for humankind — availability of breathable air by capturing diseases in the source.

According to World Health Organisation, worldwide, tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death. Of the global estimates, in 2017, 10 million people developed TB worldwide, and India happens to feature on WHO’s list of 30 high TB burden countries accounting for 87% of the world’s cases.

TB on an everyday basis claims 4,500 lives globally, as it can easily spread from an affected person to another through air. Also, according to WHO 2018, 2.9 million are affected by lung cancer every year.

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Keeping this in mind, Malhotra and Harde set out on to find a proper means for disposal of spit. As unlike any other waste, spit simply evaporates and if it has contagious content, then it discreetly adds them to the air.

EzySpit aims to tackle this perilous issue. They have introduced the world’s first Spit Pack, Liquid Disposal bin and EzyVomit bags. It is a green, eco-friendly technology that solidifies any liquid waste into material within seconds while killing the bacteria. And in a period of three to four days, this solid gets converted into fertiliser, great for your kitchen garden.

Also, use of these pouches can save millions of litres of water wasted every day to scrub off spit stains from staircases, roads and other public places.

It sounds like quite a complex mechanism and costly one, but the spittoons are a steal deal compared to its benefits. The pouch costs merely Rs 5, and can hold up to 15 spits, while the Rs 10 spit glass for cars can be used for spitting 30 times.

For the liquid disposal bins, suitable for kitchens, with a mere investment of Rs 50, one can get 25 kg of homemade fertiliser. The fertilisers can be used by households, or given away to garbage collectors, who in turn will sell it to farmers for just Rs 4 per kg.

The plan for connecting garbage collectors is currently under consideration, and it will start from Nagpur, Maharashtra.

EzySpit has collaborated with Central railways, Nagpur municipal corporation, BMC Hospitals, Indore Municipal Corporation, etc, and already has orders worth Rs 6 crore. Its commercial production is underway, and they are also planning to develop water-less toilets very soon.

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