The mom-son duo of D Krishna Kumar and Choodarathna started their journey on January 16 last year Credit: File image
D Krishna Kumar would like to call their journey ‘Mathru seva sankalpa yatra’

Agartala: Meet 40-year-old D Krishna Kumar from Mysuru, Karnataka who is out on a nationwide pilgrimage with his mother Choodarathna (70) on his faithful two-decade-old Bajaj Chetak scooter.

Entering Tripura from Ramkrishnagar of Assam on Sunday night, the duo are planning to visit the capital city and some other important towns of the state within the next few days.

Speaking with EastMojo, Krishna said he was happy earning a good salary and working as a corporate team leader in a private company in Karnataka, until he decided to quit his job and take his mother on a pilgrimage, covering the whole of India.

“In 2015, when my father passed away, my mother was living a very lonely life. One day, I visited my mother in Mysuru, she expressed her desire to visit Hampi and Halebeedu temple and I took her there. From there on, every weekend we used to visit some holy place or the other,” said Krishna.

Later in 2017, they went on a trip from Bengaluru to Kashmir on their car. “During our three days’ stay there, we visited many temples and holy places like Kashmiripura Nivasa temple,” he said.

D Krishna Kumar (left) with locals during his journey through Tripura

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Starting their journey on January 16 last year, the mother-son duo have already covered over 42,000 km. Krishna would like to call their journey as ‘Mathru seva sankalpa yatra’. They have already visited Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Nepal, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and are now in Tripura.

Krishna’s mother, Choodarathna, said she has always had a desire to visit holy places with her son, but she never thought that her son would take her for an India ‘yatra’ on his scooter, leaving his job and career behind.

“I have had no back pain. Not even a cough or cold. People come up and ask me have I managed to sit behind him for such long distances. I just hold on to him tightly and with God’s blessings there has been no problem so far,” said the mother, with a smile.

The mom-son duo of D Krishna Kumar and Choodarathna near the Panitanki Land Customs station along the India-Nepal border in Darjeeling district of West Bengal

“It is my great pride to have a son as loving as he is, who has given me such happiness in my old age,” she said, adding that she has had a desire to visit holy places but due to a joint family and household responsibilities, she could never visit any.

Talking about the scooter, Krishna said that his father had gifted him the scooter. “Every time we travel, I feel like my father is accompanying us throughout the journey,” he added.

The duo never stayed in any hotel or lodge, rather took shelter in temples and ate food there. “The travel expenses are borne by us from the interest of some fixed deposits in my mother’s account,” Krishna said.

The 2000-model Bajaj Chetak scooter has already been run over 42,000 km now. “With some modification, I made the pillion seat more comfortable. “My mother has never felt uncomfortable even after traveling for so long,” he added.

They now plan to cover the rest of the Northeastern states soon.

The duo never stayed in any hotel or lodge, rather took shelter in temples and ate food there

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