K-pop star Jang Hanbyul performing in Kohima, Nagaland on Tuesday Credit: EastMojo image
Fans enjoying K-pop star Jang Hanbyul’s live performance in Kohima, Nagaland on Tuesday

Kohima: After lightning performances in Dimapur in Nagaland and Diphu in neighbouring Assam, K-pop star Jang Hanbyul wowed his fans with his performance at the meet-and-greet event organised by Musik-A in association with Pink Box Events and Karbi Anglong Chamber of Commerce (KACC) at The Heritage in state capital Kohima on Tuesday.

This was the first India tour of the former lead vocalist of South Korean rock band LEDApple and Kohima was his last stop before leaving for his home country on Wednesday. The star will next tour Malaysia.

Speaking exclusively with EastMojo about his summer tour, Hanbyul said: “It has been very exciting and lovely. It’s very interesting to travel to new places and particularly in Nagaland as everyone I met and everything has been so nice.”

Later at the event, he revealed that his best memory of his visit to Nagaland was the helicopter ride from Dimapur to Kohima, as it was his first ride on a chopper and was awed by the beauty of the state.

“It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen,” he said.

This was the first India tour of K-pop star Jang Hanbyul and Kohima was his last stop

The star, who grew up in Australia, returned to Korea after his second year of university to pursue a career in K-pop. When asked about his fans in India, he told EastMojo: “Fans always have the same love and support for me all around the world — that’s the similarity. But particularly in India, I found that the attention is higher and they are more energetic. They are louder as well and for a performer, that is very relaxing as that plays a big part of one’s performance. I have also noticed that a lot of them are younger (in age) but definitely more energetic.”

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Speaking about his upcoming project, Hanbyul said: “I cannot reveal it but I have something very interesting going on and it will be up by early September. I am very excited about it and I am looking forward to it. Other than that, I started my YouTube channel for which I will keep on uploading for the rest of my career. And I do have another single plan — another song — to be released this year.”

Reacting to the Korean wave, Hanbyul said: “I am still fascinated as well. It is amazing how K-pop has come this far globally. The big factor of K-pop being loved around the world is because it’s very unique, it is visually more unique as it has a lot of colours. For the music in general, the lyrics and the meanings of the songs are well incorporated. I think it is the genre of the music that is more intimate with the fans. The craze got bigger because of the visual effects and the choreography as the dance and choreographies of K-pop is of very high level and is effective around the world hereby attracting a lot of fans.”

“Because of the image of India that is portrayed in the media in Korea and around the world, there was a different image that I thought of before I came here. But after landing in India and experiencing the culture, I have learned that India is very diverse and it is extraordinary. The weather, the people and the varieties of foods —- it is definitely a place that I wanted to visit and I won’t forget it for the rest of my life. Also, it was a good experience meeting and interacting with the people here,” he said.

K-pop star Jang Hanbyul has promised that he will come back if his fans in Nagaland invites him again

But will Jang Hanbyul want to come back to Nagaland again? “Yes! If the Naga fans invite me again, I will definitely come back and hopefully, I can bring them a more better experience in my next visit,” he said.

His final message to his fans: “Thank you for giving me your support, for supporting my music and greeting me such love and friendliness. The next chance I get to come back in Nagaland, I can promise that I will come back if you invite me. Keep supporting my music and stay updated with what I have planned along my career. Thanks once again.”

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