Jumbo vs JCB: When mother elephant takes on machine for its baby

Unaware of local residents of Tulsipara tea estate in Alipurduar trying to help calf from drowning in water tank, elephant tries to fend off JCB loader; both reunited later

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

Alipurduar: A video of an elephant taking on a JCB loader in Tulsipara tea estate of West Bengal's Alipurduar district is going viral.

It all happened when an elephant calf got trapped in a water tank within the tea estate on Friday. When locals heard the wails of the baby elephant, they called in a JCB loader to bring it out of the tank. However, the calf's mother that was nearby didn't understand that the locals were only trying to save the animal.

It was then that the elephant tried to fend off the JCB loader with its trunk. After much struggle, the elephant left the locals and their machine alone.

By then, the baby elephant was almost drowning. But the JCB driver's quick thinking came to the rescue. The driver broke a side wall of the water tank to help the jumbo calf come out of the water tank.

Both the elephant and its baby were later reunited and sent off to the jungle.