The attendees of the first ‘LinkedIn Local’ organised in Guwahati, Assam on Saturday Credit: EastMojo image

Guwahati: The first edition of ‘LinkedIn Local’ in Northeast India took place at Awesome Palace in Guwahati, Assam on Saturday. The event brought together about 40 individuals from different walks of life for an engaging evening with the primary focus on networking.

The event kick-started with Syed Mohsin Raja, the host for the event in Guwahati, connecting all the attendees on the LinkedIn app. Raja spoke about the importance of connecting face-to-face along with interacting on social media platforms. He reiterated the story of Narcissus, a handsome hunter in Greek mythology who was consumed by pride and eventually died after falling in love with his own reflection.

(From left) Freelance corporate trainer Sanjay Kedia; Flugelsoft Group of Companies MD & CEO Kalyanjit Hatibaruah; and Guwahati Management Association director Parag Phukan during a panel discussion on ‘Essence of Networking’ in Guwahati, Assam on Saturday

“Social media sites started with the idea to connect people, not to disconnect them. But sadly, we are going to an era where we are disconnected. We are on the friends’ lists of each other on all social media platforms, but are we really connected?” Raja asked.

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The motto for the LinkedIn Local in Guwahati was to ‘Foster and Grow’.

The LinkedIn Local initiative started as a grassroots movement, grew into a curated community, and now is an open source community supported by LinkedIn.

Attendees take part in an open networking session during the LinkedIn Local event in Guwahati, Assam

City co-host Sahrique Hussain then presented the statistics on the world’s largest professional network platform saying that worldwide LinkedIn has 630 million users, 20 million open jobs. He added that every second, two new members get into the LinkedIn network.

A panel discussion on ‘Essence of Networking’ then took place with Parag Phukan, director, Guwahati Management Association, and Kalyanjit Hatibaruah, MD and CEO, Flugelsoft Group of Companies. The discussion was moderated by Sanjay Kedia, a corporate trainer.

Participants take part in an energising game at LinkedIn Local, Guwahati

While presenting a slide show, Phukan spoke about what networking really is and how it’s still an ambiguous term for many. “Networking is cultivating a win-win relationship,” he said, adding, “Networking is not about wires, but about minds.”

Bringing to light the various types of networking, Phukan emphasised on the fact that it’s a very powerful tool. “Your net worth depends on your network,” he said, further commenting about the “social disease” called FOMO (fear of missing out). “Instead, we must have JOMO (joy of missing out),” he added.

On a concluding note, he said, “Technology is like Aladdin’s lamp. If you rub it, the genie comes out and can do anything for you. Or you may end up creating a Frankenstein’s monster.”

Hathibaruah spoke about engagement on social media to make your presence felt. Further, he advised to always interact with the people you travel.

Post the session, the house was thrown open for a Q & A session, and open networking. Also, an energising game involving all the attendees was played.

The third panellist, Pranjal Kumar Phukan, chief manager, Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited, joined the event later and shared his insights on networking and thanked the organisers for the wonderful opportunity.

The event concluded with high-tea and a vote of thanks.

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