Video of this cow playing football in Goa has gone viral
Video of this cow playing football in Goa has gone viral|EastMojo image

Gai-chung Bhutia? This cow’s skills will give you football goals!

A 2-min video shot at a field in Goa and shared by cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle is cracking up Twitter with a user even likening the bovine to Lionel ‘Moossi’

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

Guwahati: A video of a cow’s crazy football skills is breaking the Internet. The video, shared by cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle on July 1 has gained massive traction on Twitter, with over 26 lakh views, more than 1 lakh likes and 35,000 re-tweets and counting. The video has gone viral, internationally.

Bhogle tweeted the video with the caption, “This is the funniest thing you will see today!”, and it indeed is.

The 2-minute-long video is shot at a football field in Goa, where a cow can be seen standing possessive with a football. Each time a player tries to get hold of the football, the cow shoos them away. But eventually, a player manages to kick away the ball from the cow. That’s when “Gaaychung Bhutia”, as pointed out by a Twitter user, shows his real tackling skills.

Probably, after Kim Kardashian, “Lionel Moossi” is the only one who can break the Internet.

The video has caught the eyes of netizens both in India and abroad, with some claiming it to be from Brazil or Argentina, and others asking Arsenal and Manchester football clubs to get the “guy” on their team.

The Indian football team, too, took cognizance of the bovine’s skills and said, “Our scouts are looking into this.” Netflix India plans to cast the animal in “the next season of BoJack Horseman as soccer superstar Gaionel Messi.”

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