Rajya Sabha MP from Mizoram Ronald Sapa Tlau

Aizawl: Mizoram Rajya Sabha MP Ronald Sapa Tlau raised issues concerning the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in his speech during the Budget session of Parliament recently to show concern of the Mizos and other indigenous people of the region.

In the speech, Tlau stressed on how the Bill directly poses a threat to the already vulnerable Northeastern states. “In spite of all the sporadic protests towards the end of last year, it hurts me to learn that this government has a cold heart and chose to further hurt their sentiments by trying to bring back the lapsed Bill possibly in the same content,” he said.

Mizoram residents protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 

Tlau said that it was the Chakma Buddhists in Bangladesh who are to be included in the Bill that are of concern to the Northeast states. He mentioned about the rights of the genuine Chakma residents of Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh but stressed on the need to check the continuous illegal infiltration of the community from Bangladesh at an alarming rate.

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Tlau stated that during the past decade, he had inquired about the number of detention and deportation of illegal migrants. He was shocked to learn that no report of detention or deportation had been made while the ground reality showed that massive illegal immigration through the Bangladesh border could easily assimilate the Mizo population.

In his speech, Tlau also added, “The North East tribals who pledge to staunchly oppose the CAB to the end, will immediately support it if the Bangladesh Chakma Buddhists are excluded from the Bill.” He mentioned that Mizoram and other North East states are eagerly waiting for the full implementation of the NRC Bill, as was promised by the Government.

Tlau appealed that the endless suppression of the North East tribals’ aspirations to be heard and respected will only lead to sporadic violence and cessationist movement.

On January 23, a massive demonstration to oppose the CAB was organized in Mizoram where effigies of the PM and former Home Minister Rajnath Singh were burnt. The Republic Day celebration was also boycotted by different Mizo civil societies.

Locals protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Mizoram

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