Rapido follows a dual helmet policy for safety of both its ‘captains’ and customers Credit: Twitter

Guwahati: Bike-cum-taxi service application Rapido, which is currently available in most cities of India including Guwahati, is planning to roll out a couple of new features for the benefit of its customers.

In an effort to make daily commute more economical, the online application for bike and taxi hire has launched a ‘power pass’ subscription programme for customers. The ‘power pass’ will allow customers to book their rides without any surge pricing levied on flat fares.

Interestingly, the ‘power pass’ is developed with an in-house tool that analyses riding frequency, average riding distance and finally suggests a best-suited pass for every individual user.

Speaking on the idea behind the unique tool, head of Rapido Power Pass, Hiran Gunasekaran, said that every user is different and has a unique preference and, understanding this, they were motivated to develop a one-of-a-kind solution that will cater to everyone’s need.

“Our tool understands the user’s behaviour and provides the best-suited pass rather than showing multiple passes and confusing them,” he added.

The subscription option has been rolled out to a limited set of customers across a few cities in India but it is expected to be made available to all Rapido customers in the coming months. Rapido claims that the pass users are able to save up to 40% on their travel expenses. Also, the company claims that pass users are riding 60% more frequently when compared to other users. Rapido aims to have 1 million active pass users by June 2020.

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Rapido is a Bengaluru-based company that provides technology-based services for booking two-wheelers through its mobile application. Its services have been widely received in south India, and the company is gradually looking to expand its reach across the country.

Rapido started its operation in 2015 and in just four years they have expanded the operations across the country. The organisation has around 5,00,000 ‘captains’, including women, across India.

It follows a dual helmet policy where helmets are provided to both the captain and the passenger for their safety and security. Also, shower caps are provided to passengers for their personal hygiene. The app has GPS, live-tracking, SOS and live chat facilities too. It has an option for the users to share their ride with their trusted contacts. All the rides with Rapido are insured, insurance cover begins the second the passenger is seated and ends when he or she reach his or her destination.

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