Indian Navy’s long-range maritime reconnaisance aircraft P8i got airborne from INS Rajali in Arakonam, Tamil Nadu on Friday morning Credit: Twitter | Indian Navy
The AN-32 aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) with 13 people on board had gone missing soon after taking off from Jorhat in Assam on Monday afternoon

Itanagar: The Indian Navy on Friday morning pressed its long-range maritime reconnaisance aircraft P8i from INS Rajali in Arakonam, Tamil Nadu in an effort to located the ill-fated AN-32 that went off radar near Aalo in Arunachal Pradesh on Monday afternoon.

The ill-fated AN-32 aircraft had taken off from Jorhat in Assam and was flying to the Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in Arunachal Pradesh’s Shi Yomi district when it went missing near Aalo. It was carrying 13 passengers on board.

Taking to Twitter on Friday morning, the Indian Navy spokesperson said the aircraft reached the area around 8 am on Friday and shall carry out EO/IR runs and radar search.

Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has further intensified and expanded its search for the missing aircraft. Taking to Twitter, the IAF said that “fighter aircraft, C130, helicopters, aircraft carrying specialised sensors, satellites & all possible civil, police & local administrative agencies have further expanded search based on human & sensor inputs”.

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“No effort is being spared to locate the missing aircraft,” it added.

The IAF also said that search parties have set out on foot in likely directions to locate the aircraft and its occupants. “These parties have been encountering thick forests as they tirelessly search every part of a very difficult terrain,” the IAF tweeted on Thursday night.

“Weather continues to pose a challenge, however IAF remains committed to continued efforts to locate the aircraft and it’s brave air warriors. IAF has flown more than 100 hours in search operations,” the IAF added.

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