Tapuk Taku of the National People’s Party, who won the Seppa East Assembly constituency in Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar: The final results of Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections on Friday gave the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) its first ever elected government in the state along with both the Lok Sabha seats of the state. But the fate of one BJP candidate took a U-turn as postal ballots turned the tables.

After counting of votes from EVMs for the Seppa East Assembly constituency on Thursday, BJP candidate Ealing Tallang got 3,759 votes, just 49 votes more than his rival Tapuk Taku of the National People’s Party (NPP). However, on Friday morning the complete scenario was changed after the postal votes were counted.

While the BJP candidate got 396 postal votes, the NPP candidate got 474. This took Tallang’s final votes to 4,155, whereas Taku scored 4,184 votes. Consequently, the NPP candidate was declared as the winner by 29 votes. Also, an official said that one postal vote was cast for NOTA.

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The 60-seat legislative assembly of the state gave the sitting BJP government an opportunity of a full tenure by winning 41 seats, while Janta Dal (United) got seven, NPP got five, Congress four and ‘others’ three.

BJP’s Seppa East candidate Ealing Tallang

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