Munna Ansari, a Muslim man from Assam donates blood to a Hindu woman. Credit: Courtesy:Facebook@MunnaAnsari
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Guwahati: In a gesture that proves that humanity comes before religious sentiments, a Muslim man from Assam’s Sonitpur district went ahead to donate blood to a Hindu woman after breaking his ‘Roza’ during the holy month of ‘Ramadan’.

Munna Ansari, a resident of Dhekiajuli in Sonitpur district, came all the way to Biswanath with a virtuous intention to donate blood to a Hindu woman, Rebati Bora, who was admitted at the Biswanath civil hospital.

The 85-year-old woman, who was admitted in the Biswanath Civil Hospital for over a week after she got diagnosed with gall bladder, was in an urgent need of B-negative blood. Rebati’s family members were persistently in search for a donor for almost three days as the district blood bank was not obtainable with the required blood type.

But luck favoured the family, when Rebati’s son Anil Borah came in touch with the ‘Team Humanity Voluntary Blood donors Group’ in Facebook. It was than Munna responded to a message sent in by Anil in the group looking for a B-negative blood donor.

Breaking down into tears, Anil, while talking to media persons, expressed that the high virtuous approach towards humanity displayed by Munna clearly indicates that relations are not developed on religious beliefs.

“Even though we didn’t have any relation by blood with him, we are bound into it now by my mother’s blood,” Anil added.

Munna has been an active blood donor for the ‘Team Humanity Voluntary Blood donors group’ for many years and he is willing to continue with this virtuous deed for his entire life.

Team Humanity Voluntary Blood donors group is a non-governmental organisation based in Assam who have donated blood to over 1 lakh patients across the country.

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