Suki, 12, published her second book called ‘Suki’s Spacecraft’ on April 28

Kohima: From writing letters, songs and stories on a notebook gifted by her mother, Sochumlo Suki Ezung from the hill town of Kohima, Nagaland has turned into a prodigy. She pens down her imaginations into beautifully crafted stories with deep hidden messages. The 12-year-old Kohima native portrays pure talent and shows how beautiful human mind can get.

Suki, as she is fondly called, published her second book on April 28 this year. Titled Suki’s Spacecraft, the book talks about how special each one of us are to be on this planet, gifted with different talents and abilities with which we can serve one another better. She added that the most important thing that her book tells is to be brave and courageous to explore and better oneself.

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Suki’s Spacecraft has been published by Kohima-based PenThrill Publication House owned by Rita Krocha.

Suki was among the last one in her class to pick up reading, but when she started, she looked at every book as if she was solving a mystery

While speaking to EastMojo, Suki said that she was one among the last one in her class to pick up reading. But when she started, she looked at the content of every book that she read as if she was solving a mystery.

On challenges that she faced while publishing the book, Suki said: “I would say laziness. It takes discipline to sit down and write. And being quite young, there are distractions as well – I’d rather be playing outside, playing the piano, fiddling my parents’ cellphone.” The seventh grader from G Rio School, Kohima also mentioned that each one of us should consider ourselves as role models as we need to believe and respect ourselves first before we look up to the others as our role models.

Regarding what she has in mind for the future, Suki said: “I would definitely continue writing stories. But I don’t have my future set in black and white. One thing I do wish and desire is to be an achiever.”

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Suki has published two books and she can also be seen sharing her stories in small literary festivals across the town in Kohima. Her maiden book was titled Suki’s Magic Box, in which she proves that her inspiration comes from simple, ordinary things like stones, glass, a caterpillar, a cat, etc.

Suki also has other hobbies apart from reading and writing stories. She said that she likes to sing, play the piano, travel and lately has a newfound interest in beat-boxing.

Sochumlo Suki Ezung (middle) with Nagaland chief secretary Temjen Toy (left) and PenThrill Publication House owner Rita Krocha

Asked what message she would like to give to other youngsters wanting to make it big in life, she had this to say:

“No boundary is too big

No boundary is too small

Have a dream, don’t give up

Work hard and achieve your dream.”

Sochumlo Suki Ezung pens down her imaginations into beautifully crafted stories with deep hidden messages

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